Dr. Emil Vatov Molecular Biologist
  • vatov@cpsbb.eu
  • 14 St. Knyaz Boris I – Pokrastitel Str., Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Professional experience

Position: Molecular Biologist

During his PhD Emil studied the interplay between nutrition senescence and DNA methylation in Arabidopsis thaliana. His work focused on physiological analyses including hormonal homeostasis, primary metabolites and reactive oxygen species. His experience in statistics and programming helped him produce and analyze whole genome bisulfate sequencing data linking flowering and senescence. Earlier during his master and bachelor studies he participated in controlled experiments with barley, wheat, maize, cauliflower and Miscanthus, together with professional experience in vegetable production, specializing on tomato cultivation.


Vatov, E., Zentgraf, U., & Ludewig, U. (2022). Moderate DNA methylation changes associated with nitrogen remobilization and leaf senescence in Arabidopsis. Journal of Experimental Botany73(14), 4733-4752.

Vatov, E., Ludewig, U., & Zentgraf, U. (2021). Disparate dynamics of gene body and cis-regulatory element evolution illustrated for the senescence-associated cysteine protease gene SAG12 of plants. Plants10(7), 1380.

Ludewig, U., Vatov, E., Hedderich, D., & Neuhäuser, B. (2021). Adjusting plant nutrient acquisition to fluctuating availability: transcriptional co-regulation of the nitrate and phosphate deprivation responses in roots. Journal of Experimental Botany72(10), 3500-3503.