Prof. Dr. Tsanko Gechev Project Coordinator

Tsanko Gechev is Professor at the University of Plovdiv, where he teaches Molecular Biology and Molecular Genetics. Since 2015, he is the Director of the Center of Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology (CPSBB).

Dr. Gechev obtained a PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Plovdiv. He had specializations at the University of Gent (Belgium), Plant Research International and the University of Groningen (The Netherlands), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH, Zurich, Switzerland), University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA), University of Potsdam and the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology (Germany).

Current research interests of Dr. Gechev include: Plant Genomics, Reactive oxygen species as modulators of plant stress responses and programmed cell death, Molecular mechanisms of desiccation tolerance in Haberlea rhodopensis.

Dr. Gechev is member of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) and the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria.

In 2017, Dr. Gechev received the Pythagoras prize awarded by the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria.



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