Dr. Veselin Petrov Project Manager

The early research of Dr. Veselin Petrov is mostly related to the study of plants’ responses to various forms of abiotic stimuli. He has worked on the identification and characterization of Arabidopsis thaliana mutants sensitive to oxidative stress. He has also studied cis-regulatory elements in the same species, which are specific for different kinds of reactive oxygen species.

More recently, the efforts of Dr. Petrov are oriented towards biochemical and physiological characterization of some crops in response to adverse environmental conditions and the investigation of the effects of different biostimulants on plant fitness. He is also involved in the research activities at CPSBB on the endemic species from the Balkan Peninsula Haberlea rhodopensis, known also as the Orpheus flower. This plant is considered a resurrection species, since it demonstrates remarkable tolerance to desiccation.

Dr. Petrov has developed extensive experience in preparing project proposals for different funding schemes, as well as research project management. He actively participated in the writing of the Teaming project PlantaSYST (https://plantasyst.eu/). Furthermore, he is the Project Manager of the H2020 MSCA-RISE project RESIST (https://resist.cpsbb.eu/index.html) and will have the same role in NatGenCrop.


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